What does Easter mean to you? Tweeters and Facebook members are being invited to share their feelings about Easter by answering this question on a new Lent twitter feed.

Easter (LIVE) will run throughout Lent, bringing together 140-characterreflections from well-known tweeters on Easter.

Alistair Johnson, from Cliff College, and Huw Tyler, from Share Creative, have created the Twitter feed as part of the Biblefresh movement of churches and agencies, which seeks to help Christians gain confidence in and appetite for the scriptures.

Alistair said: “Easter is the pinnacle of the story of Jesus. In it we see the passion God has for His people. “Easter (LIVE) is an exciting way for people to reflect on the meaning behind the eggs, flowers and other trappings of Easter time.”

Huw added: “Easter (LIVE) is about reaching new audiences to explore the Easter story. We’re keen to engage with these communities and get deeper through discussion, thought and response. “We’re excited about seeing ‘tweets’ from well-known contributors to regular users of Twitter and Facebook and finding out what Easter means in a digital world.”

Evangelical Alliance General Director Steve Clifford started the tweets off with this tweet: “Looked like a disaster. Hopes gone, dreadful defeat. But it was the watershed of history, amazing victory, death was beaten.” He said: “Easter (LIVE) provides an opportunity to explore what, for Christians, is the pivotal event of history. “There cannot be a more important question for each of us to ask. If Jesus rose from the dead, what does Easter mean for me?”

You can follow Easter (LIVE) at http://twitter.com/EasterLIVE or http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=293981895417&ref=ts.