I spent yesterday up at Durham University with the Codec crowd and had some really great conversations about the current Digital environment we find ourself in. Our worldview is in flux. The dominant characteristics of a previous meta-narrative has eroded and we face a fragmented, yet smaller world. I wonder if you have ever spent sometime reflecting on a light switch. I was day dreaming about it the other day and fully believe that I have a worldview in which power is always at my beckon call. I live my life in a fast lane full of connections and full of things vying for a slice of my time.

Two of the main things I plucked out of yesterdays wonderful seminar is Collaboration and the otherness of people. These two things leaped right out of seminar and slapped in the face. Both I believe are key to negotiating the winding path of the fluid new Digital Environment. Firstly collaboration, is a the centre of God’s plan for reconciliation. We see God throughout the Biblical narrative use partnership to complete is wider goals. The digital environment take the big fish, small fish mentality has been blown right out the water by a vast number f stories like the emergence of Facebook. It is now about who can swim to the idea faster not about how big you are. It’s a return to innovation and creativity. It’s a return to the thinkers and dreamers. In that worldview collaboration is a central linchpin that allows us all to work with each other rather than compete against each other.
Secondly, the otherness of people. In a Digital Environment  with many people from many places connecting over a form of a time and space. One thing it lost is the otherness of a person. This is just important to note as we move into an age of avatars and such like.

Here is a list of quotes and comments from yesterday (from my notes)…

  • Community of character
  • Networked Individualism
  • Person becomes the hub
  • Bizarreness of having wifi and now water
  • Life in the slow lane
  • COLLABORATION- The future of the digital age
  • Cynical self solving problem
  • conflict v conformity
  • Space occurs in two different plains at the same time
  • Time is always on
  • Godwin’s Law