I have some amazing people in my life. People who inspire me and challenge me to think about my faith and how we can equip ourselves and others to be more like the people God wants us to be. Two of these people are Ron W (@hoosier1964) and Simon S (@vfxhanley), both of these guys are great thinkers. If your not following them you should be.


Something has been happening in our journeys as individuals thats has collied over the past few weeks and out of that was birthed iq tank here is Simons Post….

#iqtank – a modest start


Met up today with a few folk interested in the #iqtank idea. It was a great conversation and, interestingly, just as random as our twitter conversations!!!

What we would love to do is this:

  1. Encourage a dialogue about mission; and
  2. Discover what it means to live in the mission of God.

This is both a place of learning and practice (we strongly believe that the two can’t be separated)

We are going to start off by inviting people to write blog posts (on their own blog, or guest write on someone else’s) on the question: what does it mean to live in the mission of God?

We will then sign-post people to those blogs and start a conversation either through twitter or on the comments on the actual blog post. We already have about 20 people in mind that we want to ask so if you fancy writing one, or if you have someone in mind – then please do let us know. We also want to start an ‘archives’ blog (or something) that allows people to follow the journey. We are not quite sure the best way to do this so if you have any ideas then let us know.

Other ideas to follow:

  • Local tweet ups and conversations.
  • Book reviews.
  • Video upload ‘conversation starters’
  • Practical mission ideas that others can participate in.


If you want to join in then just follow #iqtank on twitter and Facebook. If you have stuff you want to tweet or blog about that fits broadly into the headings given above then please feel free to use the #iqtank hashtag (we don’t own it!!) and if you’ve got other suggestions about what #iqtank could do or be then leave a comment or drop me a tweet.

Check it out here http://vfxhanley.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/iqtank-a-modest-start/#comments

I will post more tomorrow about my reflection