#Mary: I arrived home today and you should have seen the stares that came my way. Thosee piercing stares cut deep into my soul.

#Mary: When Joe saw me and realised that I was pregnant, he looked horrified. I thought he was going to run away. We haven’t spoken since.

#Joe: Mary is preagant! I tell you what, its not mine! What do I do? She has been unfaithful.


#Mary: Joe still hasn’t spoken to me. We bumped into each other and he couldn’t even look at me.

#Joe: What am I going to do? I have a pregnant girlfriend, the baby isn’t even mine and I can’t focus on anything. We’re not talking.

#Mary: This is a huge step of faith that’s been taken for me. God had better know what he’s doing!!

#Wisemen: Been traveling for ages. Its been a fantastic journey so far but Bethlehem still seems distant.


#Joe: Something a bit strange happened. I couldn’t quite believe it. An angel visited me!

#Mary: Something has changed in Joe. I don’t know what it is but he starting to smile at me and is really gentle.

#Joe: An angel from God visited me, he had loads to say, trying to get my head around it all now.


#Joe: The Angel I saw yesterday said to me that the baby was from God. We are giving birth to the Son of God. THE SON OF GOD!!!

#Mary: An Angel visited Joe, and now we are learning to be a team. It feel so much better to not be alone

#Wisemen: I remember reading these stories about a messiah coming to rescue the whole world. I do wonder if this is him?


#Joe: I still can’t get my head around the truth that the messiah of the world is coming to our house.

#Mary: Joe is so positive these days. God is in control and I trust him.

#Wisemen: I wonder if he will be a big strong man? Or if he will be 8ft tall? I do wonder.


#Mary: I still struggle with the burden that is placed on my shoulders. But God has come through for me so far. I have faith.

#Mary: I still struggle with the burden that is placed on my shoulders. But God comes through all the time

#Herod: A Messiah?! No man may rise up against me. Not while I’m in control. I need to kill this expectation that people have for a savior.

#Wisemen: I wonder if he will be a man of great powers? Or if he will be born in a palace or a great home?


#Mary: News has just broken that we have to go back to Joe’s home because Rome has called a census.   –

#Joe: What a joke! 100 miles on a donkey and with a pregnant wife. Our journey has started!

#Herod: This is my opportunity to find out if this “messiah” is going to be born in my patch. Then I can find him and kill him.

#Herod: These people don’t need a saviour! Israel is stronger than it’s ever been. The economy is booming, the army is ready and even Rome respects us.


#Mary: All Joe keeps asking is how I am? I am pregnant for goodness sake. How does he think I am?

#Joe: I feel pressure of having the world on my shoulders. A pregnant, hormonal wife is all I need.

#Herod: I can’t seem to shake these people out of their futile hope. Why on earth do they need a saviour when they have me?

#Wisemen: Its been a long journey but the star seems to be stopping over a city known as Jerusalem.