Pepsi have decided this to replace their usually great and iconic Super Bowl ads for a $20M advert campaign. This is a very interesting change of tack and a wonderful example of the changing nature of the world and that social networking isn’t a flash in the pan but is her to stay.

pepsiThis is an interesting strategy, especially for a company that continues to spend much of its advertising budget on television. Like other social media campaigns, execution is key. If Pepsi can effectively orchestrate the Pepsi Refresh Project, the company can build brand awareness while also helping out communities across the world. On the flip side, if not executed properly, the company could wind up spending $20 million on philanthropic causes (which is to be commended), without getting the benefits of a buzz-generating ad campaign.

For Pepsi’s sake, let’s hope that the team it uses with the Pepsi Refresh Project has some better insight into social media norms than the agency hired to do the AMP iPhone app. (click her to read more about it)