The 21st century is strange and wonderful place to be and a difficult place to envision a radical, grace give and whole hearted Christian faith. This series of the A-Z of discipleship will help us try and narrow down a few key concepts of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in the 21st century.


Biblical discipleship should form the foundation for our model of discipleship in the 21st century. Sometimes it easy to justify away or simple ignore the truths that are set before us in bible. In our culture where the bible is being watered down by a culture that in a majority of places views it as out of date and unequivocally boring. We need to however not loose sight of the important place of the bible in 21st century discipleship.

Biblical discipleship is a key element of a fully functioning and complete guide to discipleship. We see in the bible an over arching meta narrative of a God who loves his people and wants to be involved in their lives. We also see the ordinary radicals striving to follow the call of God on their lives. It is important to gain guidance in our discipleship but also encouragement from the people that have gone before us, and their wisdom and knowledge.

The bible contains some of the most wonderful and beautiful stories of love, betrayal and hope. We can use these wonderful teachings and guidance to build a discipleship that is life-giving, risk taking and radical in a culture that just think our faith is life enhancing, safe and boring. A faith that is more likely to be found in the self help section of a book store than religious section.