guiltIts Friday guys and it’s time for a guest blogger.

Ever thought that because you’re in a Christian environment, your behaviour is fine because you’re among Christians; and so it doesn’t matter?

I have, and it wasn’t until a conversation I had with a friend not long ago, did I begin to realise how I was a poor example of God. I was falling hard and fast. I stopped and realised that who you are isn’t just witnessed by my friends and people I know; but it’s witnessed by God. The guilt that hit me after the conversation was massive because I knew deep in my heart that I had let God down.

First of all, I am not claiming that I was the most amazing Christian ever; I struggle all the time with things such as reading my bible everyday and my feelings towards people I meet. However, my passion for God is truly great, and I have so much love for him it is unreal!

This part isn’t me telling you guys how amazing I am now, but it is me telling you guys how amazing God is. The fact that he wants me and can see a way to use me for his purpose makes me feel incredible. So loved, and what hurts more is that he loved me so much he sent his son to die; and I continue to fail him. And that’s what it is, my failure to be like him.

A very close friend sat with me not too long after I started typing this, and she saw my guilt and disappointment I had toward myself. And what did she do? She put things into perspective, took away my self pity and reminded me that I should

“Trust in the Lord always, as he is your rock forever”

Isaiah 26:4