Hey guys… yes it is that time again. It’s Friday and almost the weekend…wooohooo!!! I didn’t really know what to tell or talk to you guys about because I am not really the most deep empowering person… in fact I am normally the one on the other side of the empowering.

I was watching the Blue Planet the other day and the first five minutes of the first episode was about the blue whale. Did you know that the blue whale: measures 30 metres and weighs 200 tonnes. Its heart is the size of a small car, its tough weighs the same as an elephant and it tail fluke is the length of a small aircrafts wings. Oh and its blood vassals are so wide that you could swim through them if that’s what takes your fancy!! I think that is incredible and every time I watch it I can’t help but be mesmerized by it!!! The other really strange thing is that no one really knows very much about the blue whale. The reason I am telling you this is not just to show off my knowledge of the blue whale, but it is to make you think… why it is there, what is the purpose of it. Now of course it plays a big part in the circle of life within the ocean, but that’s not what I mean I mean why God design it so uniquely and so carefully. Not very many people get to see the blue whale and in fact it has only been in the last ten or so years that people have been able to see it on TV. So why… well in psalm 152 it says that everything that has breath praise the Lord!! That is why it is on earth, that is why it is created so uniquely. Through its diving and swimming, and with each breath it takes and every song it sings is praise to God. It is one of the things that remind me of Gods glory and power, and it reminds me that I need to praise and thank God for what he has done and made!!! OK… I am not saying that everyone is going to be amazed and by the blue whale the same way I am, but may be you find God’s glory in something else, like music, your friends and family, art or whatever you are interested in!