Today I am going to take a quote from a book that I have been reading for a while now called Re Jesus. Amidst all the latest fads and “movements” within contemporary Christianity in the West, Frost and Hirsch’s “ReJesus” is a clarion call to recalibrate our lives to the one that gathered us together and sent us out in the first place – Jesus. I love this quote and think its a worthwhile read if you want to get back to the our first love and invite Jesus into every area of lives. In their own words, “this book is dedicated to the recovery of the absolute centrality of the person of Jesus in defining who we are as well as what we do.”

“The process of reJesusing the church will begin with a rediscovery of the fierce and outrageous life of Jesus. Too many people have become turned off to the church because the object of our faith seems bland and insipid. It reminds us of the quip made by the archbishop who is reported to have said, “Everywhere Jesus went there was a riot. Everywhere I go they make me cups of tea!”