#Mary and Joe: Welcome to the Natwivity, this the greatest story ever told in 180 Characters. I am Joe and this is my wife Mary. We are just ordinary people with a great story that will unfold throughout December right here on Twitter.

#Mary: I am Mary. I am just a regular young women, that’s life was changed forever because I gave birth to the Son of God.

#Joe: I am Joe. I am just a regular guy, that’s life has been changed because my wife has given birth to the saviour of the world.


#Mary: I know this going to sound crazy but I saw an Angel today. He told me I was going to give birth to a baby, big problem there. I am a virgin!

#Joe: Hey am working on the house for me and Mary to move into and for us to start our own family there, but Mary has been acting a little strange the past few days.


#Mary: How can I be chosen to care this responsibility or is it an honour. Me, I will give birth to the saviour of all man kind. How is this the way it till be? I am so lost and confused

#Joe: Things get more strange here. Mary is acting really strange and has become very distant, I wonder what it could be?


#Mary: What do I tell Joe? What will he think? Will he even believe me? Why would he? I have to hide myself from everyone. Maybe I will leave for a while. Where could I go?

#Joe: Something has happened. Mary is talking about leaving for a while. The house is nearly built. I work day and night to build our home and she is just going to leave for a while.


#Mary: I arrived at Elizabeth’s today. It was the best feeling ever to break out from all those glaring eyes. I had the guts to tell my story. A problem shared is a problem halved.

#Elizabeth: My baby felt like it was doing somersaults inside me when Mary told me she was pregnant too!  I do wonder what people will think of her?

#Joe: Still working on the house and no sign of Mary’s return.


#Mary: How is this right? How can this be happening to me? What if Joe dumps me? What if people disown me?

#Elizabeth: I am worried for Mary. When she gets back home people will mock her and look down on her. My heart is sad that she will face much trial in the days ahead. I just don’t know how she’s going to make it through the days ahead.

#Elizabeth: ‘I’m not sure I really get what Mary’s angel said about her baby being called Jesus because he will save his people from their ‘sins’.  What on earth does THAT mean?’


#Mary: It’s the day of rest but I can’t shake the scared feeling in the pit of my stomach that I will be completely disowned by J

oe, my family and my friends.

#Elizabeth: I’m not sure what its going to take for Mary to accept this wild ‘assignment’ from God. I wonder what would make me go through with the thing if I were in her shoes?

#Mary: Something has happened in me. I’m beginning to feel the baby moving about inside.  He’s just a tiny flutter but I know he’s there.  Instead of worrying about myself, suddenly, I want to take care of him.’

#Mary: I am returning home today. I do wonder what will happen when I get there. All I know is I have a sense of peace over me.

#Liz: Mary left today. Sad as I was that she left I am glad that she is going to fulfill her destiny.

#Joe: I hear that Mary is coming home. Maybe it will all be ok.